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What Percentage of Truck Accidents are Caused by Cars?

Not all truck crashes are caused by truck drivers

One minute you are driving your truck along the highway and contributing to Pennsylvania’s economy as you always do. Next minute you wake up in the ER, all battered and bruised, only for the nurse to tell you that you’re a victim of a vehicular accident. Luckily, you only sustained superficial non-life-threatening injuries, but you have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks for a full recovery.

But what about other truck drivers and occupants who aren’t lucky to survive such accidents? Or, those who sustain life-altering and life-threatening long-term injuries and can’t work or provide for their families anymore? Sadly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that Pennsylvania hit the top 10 states with the highest average fatal truck accidents. Due to their sheer size, cargo capacity, and speed, these behemoths cause a lot more damage than the average vehicular accident.


A Law Firm with Truck Accident Experience and Case Results

At Munley Law, we understand life after a truck accident is no easy feat, especially if you have no means or the proper legal representation. Picking up the pieces to rebuild our life is an uphill task and struggle. Our vast experience and expertise – backed by these impressive results – makes us the nation’s best truck accident attorneys. Unfortunately, if you or a loved one becomes a victim of a truck accident caused by a car or other motorists, our highly experienced and dedicated truck crash attorneys are ready to help you. Talk to us; call us toll-free, email us or live chat any time; our attorneys are ready to listen to you.


Truck Accidents Caused By Cars Statistics

PA roads and highways witness a whopping 6,000 accidents involving trucks annually. Over 50% of these truck accidents are caused by passenger cars. The American Trucking Associations show that cars are responsible for 80% of all truck-related accidents.

According to the recent Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) report, cars caused 53% of all vehicular accidents – 111,604 – and 43.7% of all vehicular fatalities – 395. To be more precise, this report shows that 1,172 truck accidents were directly caused by passenger cars colliding or striking trucks. On top of that, 37% of all vehicular fatalities involved occupants of passenger cars.

Often, little is said regarding the truck occupants’ fatalities and injuries. Instead, more emphasis is laid on the passenger cars’ occupants. But, just like The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates, truck driver fatalities represent 2.4% of all vehicular traffic fatalities. Some good news, truck drivers are 233% less at risk to sustain life-threatening injuries. Nonetheless, this fact didn’t prevent the 22 truck driver fatalities, according to a PennDOT report.

Truck drivers receive unique and specialized training to enhance their driving and competence skills on the road. Unfortunately, passenger car drivers receive standard driving training and lack competence when driving in a truck-filled environment.


Truck Accidents Contributing Factors

Negligence and breaking rules and laws are the main factors that lead to truck accidents caused by cars. Regardless of where trucks are moving, passenger car drivers should exercise caution and observe all set rules and laws. If not, then they will be held accountable and at fault for the accident.

Under these two factors, truck accidents caused by cars are as a result of;

  • Speeding
  • Substance use and abuse
  • Distracted and tired drivers
  • Proceeding without clearance
  • Improper and illegal turning
  • Tailgating
  • Mechanical issues due to poor maintenance, wear and tear, and faulty car design
  • Aggressive and careless driving


Truck Accidents FAQs

I’m the Truck Driver and was Injured in the Truck Accident, What Should I Do?

When you get injured while dispensing your duties, Munley Law truck accident attorneys will help you file for workman’s compensation as a truck driver. You’ll get paid for lost wages and medical bills. Additionally, the ‘no-fault’ rule ensures your claim will get paid regardless of who is at fault for the truck accident.

Every accident is unique, so is the case and the settlement amount. Under PA law, the final value of your claim will depend on:

  • Laws governing fault and negligence
  • Establishment of the cause of the accident under the circumstances as determined by the investigation
  • The nature and scope of your injuries
  • Any other damages you suffered as a result of the accident

Having said that, Munley Law truck accident attorneys have the expertise and vast experience to fight for maximum compensation.

Do I Need an Attorney After a Truck Accident?

Accidents are traumatizing. Recovering from one can be challenging, to say the least. Regaining your life without any help or compensation can be overwhelming and depressing. There are many legalities involved after a truck accident, and you don’t have the know-how to maneuver through. So, yes, you need a Munley Law truck accident lawyer to help you with all legal issues while you recuperate and focus on rebuilding your life.


Do I Need to File a Crash or Accident Report?

After the accident, the matter is handled by the authorities. However, the law requires you to file a report within five days of the crash when;

  • The police fail to investigate the accident,
  • Death, injury, or property damage occurred as a result of the accident.

After you’ve gathered the necessary information – from both parties – you can go ahead and file the report with PennDOT. To make sure you do it right and the process goes smoothly, review the crash report with truck accident attorneys from Munley Law.


What Do I Do After a Truck Accident in PA?

After recovering from the shock, what you do and the steps you take immediately after the accident can go a long way in contributing to your case, compensation, and insurance. Understandably, the accident is traumatic, but you must focus and take these steps;

  • Contact first responders and medical personnel.
  • Gather as much evidence as you can of the accident scene. Evidence includes photos, any CCTV footage in the area, and eye-witness contacts and accounts.
  • Contact Munley Law truck accident attorneys

While these steps are essential, your health and safety come first. If your condition doesn’t allow you to gather any evidence, don’t fret, your accident attorney will engage the services of a professional investigator and the authorities for evidence gathering.


Who and How is Fault Determined in a Truck Accident?

After a truck accident, it’s procedural to determine which party is at fault. Often, people are quick to assume and lay blame on the truck driver. On the contrary, both parties can contribute to the accident. The only way out of this dilemma is to determine fault.

The evidence collected or handed over to the parties’ insurance companies goes a long way in determining fault. It’s up to your Munley Law truck accident lawyer to determine the passenger car is at fault. The attorney will prove the driver either acted negligently or violated rules and laws.


What is the ‘Modified Comparative Fault’ Rule?

Pennsylvania law applies a modified comparative fault rule when ruling who’s at fault and to what magnitude. The law states the plaintiff is only allowed to recover damages if it’s determined they aren’t at fault beyond a certain percentage.

For instance, if the court or jury finds 20% at fault, you can recover damages up to 80%. However, this rule doesn’t allow the plaintiff to recover damages if it’s found they are 50% and above at fault.


What Damages Can I Recover After a Truck Accident in PA?

If it’s determined you are not at fault, you have the right to recover damages and subsequent compensation.

Munley Law truck accident attorneys will protect and fight for your rights to compensation and recover damages, including;

  • Economic damages – tangible losses that can be calculated with ease, such as;
  • All current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capabilities
  • Other damages such as loss of use
  • Non-economic damages – represents intangible losses that are harder to calculate, especially in the absence of an accident attorney. They include;
  • Pain and suffering such as complex injuries, disfigurement, bone fractures, to mention a few.
  • The mental trauma that has physical exhibitions such as PTSD, insomnia, anxiety.
  • Loss of consortium – damages recovered after losing companionship or close relationship with your loved one due to the accident.
  • Punitive damages – damages recovered to punish the responder for causing the accident maliciously or recklessly and serve as an example to other semi-truck drivers.


Statute Of Limitations

PA law caps to two years the time a victim – plaintiff shouldn’t exceed before filing a lawsuit after an injury, accidental death, or property damage. In the case of accidental death, time starts to tick from the time of the victim’s demise.


Are You A Victim Of A Truck Accident Caused By A Car?

Truck accidents leave a long trail of destruction and broken pieces. Without any money or resources, the aftermath of the accident can be equally harrowing and painstaking. With legal representation from Munley Law truck accident attorneys, you can rest assured that we’ll fight, protect your rights and ensure you get justice and maximum compensation. If you or a loved one are victims of a truck accident caused by a passenger car and need expert, experienced legal representation, go ahead, contact us through our various channels and we’ll schedule a free consultation.


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