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The Common Causes of Uber Accidents in Wilkes-Barre, PA

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Given the college-town atmosphere and urban setting, Uber has emerged as a pivotal player in transportation in Wilkes-Barre. However, its popularity has brought an increase in Uber-related accidents. The common causes of these accidents vary, ranging from distraction and fatigue to speeding and reckless driving as drivers navigate tight schedules. Adverse weather conditions in Wilkes-Barre also compound these risks, challenging even the most seasoned drivers. But as with any auto accident, mechanical failures and insufficient vehicle maintenance are notable factors for these collisions. Munley Law understands the complexities of auto accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers and works to assist those affected by these collisions. Call our Wilkes-Barre Uber accident lawyer today if you or a loved one were involved in an Uber accident.

Common Causes of Uber Car Accidents in Wilkes-Barre

The Common Causes of Uber Accidents in Wilkes-BarreUber accidents in Wilkes-Barre can occur for a variety of reasons. Knowing why the accident occurred is critical for successful personal injury claims to recoup compensation for your losses. Some of the common causes associated with Uber accidents in Wilkes-Barre include:

  • Distracted Driving: Uber drivers often work long hours, including those for other jobs, which can lead to fatigue and decreased attention behind the wheel. Mobile devices for navigation and communication with riders can also be a significant source of distraction. There is also the distraction of having other people in the vehicle, which can lead to distraction. These factors combined can impair a driver’s reaction time and decision-making ability, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Speeding and Reckless Driving: Some Uber drivers may engage in speeding or reckless driving to maximize earnings by completing more rides. However, given the city’s pedestrian community and the number of other drivers on the roadways, this can quickly become dangerous.
  • Adverse Weather Conditions: Northeastern Pennsylvania experiences many weather conditions, sometimes in one day. From heavy snowfall in winter to rain, wind, and ice storms, drivers need to be prepared for the hazardous conditions they may face.
  • Mechanical Failures and Poor Vehicle Maintenance:  Sometimes, an accident is not the driver’s fault but can be related to a mechanical failure. These mishaps can be catastrophic, like a blown tire or faulty brakes. However, sometimes a mechanical failure is the driver’s fault, as Uber drivers are responsible for their car’s upkeep. Failure due to poor vehicle maintenance can lead to dangerous rideshare accidents.
  • Inexperienced Rideshare Drivers: Though Uber has some qualifications to be a driver, it doesn’t mean your Uber or Lyft driver will be the most experienced. Be it someone new to the rideshare company or unfamiliar with the area, inexperienced drivers also threaten road users.
  • Impaired Driving: Just as it is dangerous for any driver when an Uber driver operates their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the result can be fatal. Impaired driving puts the driver and passengers, and other road users, including other drivers and pedestrians, at risk.

Common Types of Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare companies like Uber have made strides to limit the number of accidents on roadways by offering safe ride options to people who may not otherwise make smart driving decisions, especially after drinking. Unfortunately, accidents still occur. Common rideshare accidents include:

  • Rear-End Collision: Rear-end collisions are some of the most frequent accidents on roadways. They occur when a driver is following another vehicle too closely or when the driver has been distracted, leading to insufficient reaction time.
  • Side-Impact Collisions: T-bone accidents occur when the front or rear of another hits the side of one vehicle. These wrecks often happen at intersections due to failure to yield, running a red light, or misjudging the timing of traffic signals.
  • Head-On Collisions: Although less common, head-on collisions are extremely dangerous. These occur when a driver accidentally drives on the wrong side of the road or driving down a one-way road.
  • Collisions with Pedestrians or Cyclists: Motor vehicle drivers must share the road with other vulnerable users, including pedestrians and cyclists. In a college town like Wilkes-Barre, it’s even more important to watch for students crossing walkways, bicyclists commuting, and other road users who may be difficult to see.
  • Dooring Accidents: Dooring accidents occur when a driver or passenger opens a car door without checking for oncoming traffic, leading to a collision with a vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian. When drivers make stops, passengers may not realize how close they are to other vehicles, or if other motorists and road users are coming in their direction.

While car accidents can happen to anyone, when you are utilizing a rideshare service to reach your destination quickly, it’s essential to understand the types of collisions that can occur and what your rights are if they do.

What Compensation is Available for Uber Accident Victims in Wilkes-Barre?

Recovering compensation following an Uber accident involves navigating a unique set of insurance and legal frameworks, especially when multiple parties are involved. Uber provides a $1 million insurance policy for accidents that occur while a driver is on an active trip with a passenger or on the way to pick one up.

However, the compensation process varies based on the driver’s status during the accident.

If the Uber driver is logged into the app but hasn’t accepted a ride request, Uber’s limited liability coverage applies and is supplemented by the driver’s auto insurance.

In cases where the driver is en route to pick up a passenger or in the middle of a trip, Uber’s $1 million policy applies, covering both drivers and passengers.

If the driver is not logged into the app when the accident occurs, their driver’s insurance applies.

Depending on the severity of your injuries and the liability of the rideshare driver, you may recover the following forms of compensation:

  • Medical bills: Covers costs for current and future medical treatment, rehabilitation, and any other care related to the accident.
  • Lost Wages: You may be able to recover lost wages from the time of the accident and future wages if you cannot return to your job.
  • Pain and Suffering: Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for physical pain and emotional distress.
  • Property Damage: If your vehicle and other personal property are damaged in the accident, you may be able to recover compensation for those losses.
  • Punitive Damages: In rare cases, if the driver’s conduct was particularly reckless or negligent, the court may award you punitive damages to punish the driver.

Rideshare accidents are not always clear as to who the at-fault driver is, so you need rideshare accident attorneys’ guidance before seeking a personal injury claim.

If you were involved in a car accident with an Uber accident in Wilkes-Barre, don’t delay. Contact our Wilkes-Barre Uber accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.

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