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Young Drivers In Denial That Distracted Driving Affects Them

Just last week we reported on a study from the University of Leeds that found drivers with just one hand on the wheel that are engaged in a “secondary task” are at increased risk of an accident.  Now, researchers at Bridgestone Americas report that while teenage drivers realize distracted driving is dangerous, they don’t see everything that takes one hand off the wheel as a distraction.

The survey, that underscores the findings by those at the University of Leeds, found that even though many teenagers and young adults claim they understand distracted driving, they are in denial that it affects them. In fact, one-third of those surveyed admit to reading text messages while driving, and nearly 25% surveyed do not believe that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous.

The company surveyed 2000 drivers aged 15- to 21-years-old.  Among the findings, the researchers found that the young drivers measure their level of safety as a driver by the fact that they haven’t been in an accident or ticketed.

In an effort to raise awareness among teens of the hazards of distracted driving, Bridgestone has initiated the “Teens Drive Smart” scholarship contest.  The contest has students, age 16-21, create a short automotive safety-themed video to be used as a public service announcement that encourages their peers to make better decisions behind the wheel.  Winners will receive college scholarships:  first place receives $25,000; second place receives $15,000 and third place receives $10,000.

“We need to help the public understand exactly how dangerous it is to drive while talking on the phone or texting,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in his Fast Lane blog. “We did it for drunk driving. We did it for seat belt use. And, with help from safety partners like Bridgestone and Teens Drive Smart, we will do it for distraction.”

Our truck accident attorneys have seen the tragedy distracted driving accidents can cause.  And the statistics are clear: 15 people die, and 1,200 more are injured, nationwide every day due to an accident caused by a distracted driver, according to government data.  We encourage all Pennsylvania drivers to stay focused while driving.

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