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Can I work while receiving workers’ compensation?

Can I Work While Receiving Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania?

Workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp, is the most common way for injured or disabled workers to receive compensation for workplace injuries. The program is a state-mandated insurance program that provides medical benefits and wage replacement for workers injured or disabled due to their employment. However, there are strict rules and regulations that you must follow if you plan to claim and receive workers’ compensation benefits. One of the most common questions workers have is: “Can I still work while receiving workers’ compensation?”

Typically, after a work-related injury, the injured employee has many questions concerning workers’ comp, the benefits they are eligible for, and the rules surrounding those benefits. A common question that workers who have filed or are collecting workers’ comp benefits have is if they will be able to work, or at least be offered light-duty work, […]

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How to Report Unsafe Working Conditions in PA

Munley Law’s Guide to Identifying and Reporting Dangerous Working Conditions 

When most people hear the phrase “unsafe working conditions,” factories and operating large machinery come to mind. While it’s true that some industries are more high-risk than others, the reality is any workplace can be unsafe. For your own safety, you should know how to identify unsafe working conditions and how to report them to the appropriate authorities. 

What is considered an ‘unsafe working condition’?

An unsafe working environment is an environment with hazards present that make it dangerous for you to carry out any of your job duties. The environment poses a threat to your health and safety and may interfere with you being able to do your job correctly.  While some jobs are dangerous by nature, “unsafe working conditions” refer to circumstances outside of what is reasonable, normal, or acceptable by regulatory standards.  […]

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What is malingering?

What is “malingering” and how can it affect your workers’ comp case?

One of the roadblocks to getting your full workers’ compensation benefits is an accusation of malingering. 

The subject of malingering is addressed briefly on our Scranton Workers’ Compensation webpage.  Here, we take a more in-depth look at the topic. Accusations of malingering can have serious consequences. They may result in the discontinuation of workers’ compensation or other benefits for those suffering from an injury or illness that prevents them from working.  

The workers’ comp attorneys at Munley Law know how to respond to malingering accusations, and ensure that you receive the benefits you rightfully deserve.  If you are falsely accused of malingering by workers’ compensation insurance adjusters, or your employer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Malingering?

Malingering comes up often in the context of workers’ […]

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Your Guide to Filing a Lawsuit

Munley Law Personal Injury Lawyers’ Guide to Filing a Lawsuit

If a company or person has acted in negligence and caused you serious injury, you may file a lawsuit in order to obtain financial compensation from the at-fault party. But filing a lawsuit can be a challenging task. Any slight mistake can cost you the compensation that you deserve or cause further damages. That’s why you need the proper guidance and an experienced team of attorneys. 

Below, we will explain what it means to file a personal injury lawsuit and how to increase your chances of winning.

What does it mean to file a lawsuit?

filing a lawsuit personal injury lawyersA lawsuit is a formal legal case that you or your lawyer files with the court. Filing a lawsuit involves telling the court that the defendant acted negligently and hurt you (the plaintiff). In filing a lawsuit, […]

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Amazon workers’ attempt at unionization

The workers’ comp lawyers at Munley Law examine the attempt at unionization made by Amazon workers

From the summer of 2020, Amazon has been in the middle of a spirited unionization effort from some of the workers at its Bessemer, Alabama warehouse. Through the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) the employees staged protests that have been largely online and through the phone because of the pandemic. 

The organizers were hoping these protests would yield the same results that pushed for the unionization of employees in high-profile companies in the U.S. and were hoping for similar results for Amazon’s Alabama warehouse.

As Amazon, Chewy, and other warehouses continue to crop up across the Lehigh Valley and throughout our region, it is worth understanding how unionization efforts unfold for Amazon workers.

The push for unionization: how it all began 

amazon workers warehouse work injury lawyerThe push for unionization started after a small group of workers at the company’s Bessemer Alabama warehouse went to the local branch of the retail workers’ […]

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