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It’s Parks and Recreation Month! Follow These Tips to Avoid a Park Injury

Park-safetyJuly is National Parks and Recreation Month, according to the National Recreation and Park Association.

Parks can be wonderful for both physical and mental well-being. In addition to providing space for recreation and exercise, spending time outside in nature is good for one’s psychological health, according to a study recently published in the New York Times. But, parks and playgrounds can also be the scenes of serious falls or injuries. Take a look at these safety tips and reminders to help make sure that your next trip to the park goes smoothly.


Every year more than 200,000 injuries occur on playgrounds or in parks, and falls are the most common type of playground or park injury. Playground falls can result in sprains, broken bones, or traumatic head injuries like a concussion. Proper supervision can help reduce the risk for falls.

Make sure that the equipment your child is using is appropriate for his/her age, and check the surface underneath equipment such as jungle gyms where children may be likely to fall. According to the NRPA, safe surfaces include wood chips, gravel, sand, or rubber mats. Concrete, blacktop, and grass are not safe surfaces.

Water Safety

Accidental drowning is a leading cause of death among children. If there is water at your park, be it a pool, pond, creek, or any other body of water, make sure your child is always closely supervised when in or near the water. Teach your child never to swim alone, and consider professional swimming lessons, as this can help children learn safety practices and feel confident in the water.

Unsafe Equipment

An accidental park injury can happen if the park or playground’s equipment is broken, or not properly maintained, so be aware of the park’s conditions. Signs of potentially dangerous playground equipment include rust, missing or broken parts, visible signs of wear or deterioration, and graffiti. If your child gets hurt due to poorly maintained facilities or equipment, you may be entitled to damages based on those injuries.


Parks are popular places for dog-owners to spend time with their pets and help them get proper socialization and exercise. Unfortunately, bringing dogs into contact with lots of strangers and young children can result in an accidental dog bite. Teach your child never to approach a dog at the park, and to always ask its owner for permission before attempting to pet the dog. Teach your children how to safely interact with dogs to help avoid an accidental bite. If you see a dog wandering without its owner, or a dog that appears to be aggressive, hurt, or sick, contact animal control to notify them about the animal and consider leaving the area if it seems unsafe. If you are a dog-owner, always observe leash laws in order to keep your pet and other people safe.

If you or your child suffer a park injury or fall at a playground due to negligence or unsafe facilities, contact a premises liability lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys. We have experience dealing with individual property owners as well as large recreational parks. We will answer your questions and help you understand the next steps in the process. Email us, or call today at 855-866-5529.

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