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Pennsylvania Drivers Urged to Read DOT’s Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving

Our Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys have continually stressed the dangers and the tragedy of distracted driving.  Just last month we presented information about a young teen who is now serving jail time due to a distracted driving accident that resulted in the death of a 55-year-old man.  For some, unfortunately, a serious jolt such as an accident is what it takes to wake them up to the dangers of distracted driving.

However, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who has been steadfast in his battle to end distracted driving in the United States, hopes to end accidents caused by distracted drivers.  Now, under his direction, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has launched its Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving.

The blueprint, according to LaHood’s blog, Fast Lane, “is putting critical safety information into the hands of those who can make the biggest difference. Parents, teens, driving instructors, automakers, and safety advocates can all use the new blueprint to take this important effort to the next level.”

“Distracted driving is an epidemic. While we’ve made progress in the past three years by raising awareness about this risky behavior, the simple fact is people are continuing to be killed and injured – and we can put an end to it,” said LaHood at the announcement of the Blueprint.

The blueprint builds on the national momentum spearheaded by LaHood and outlines steps everyone can take, including:

  • Encouraging the remaining 11 states without distracted driving laws to enact and enforce this critical legislation;
  • Challenging the auto industry to adopt new and future guidelines that reduce the potential for distractions on devices built or brought into vehicles;
  • Partnering with driver education professionals to add new materials that educate novices about driver distraction and its consequences; and
  • Providing everyone with actions they can take to help end distracted driving on America’s roadways.

“I’m proud of the gains we’ve made during the past three years. But there is work to be done, and we need everyone’s help,” said LaHood. “With this blueprint, we will save lives.”

Our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys realize that a driver is faced with numerous distractions each time he or she gets behind the wheel, but a responsible driver will stay focused.  We ask all parents to sit down with their teenage drivers and read through the Blueprint.  Educating yourself and your young drivers will help keep everyone safe on our PA roads.

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