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Truck Accident Lawyer Dan Munley Speaks at Annual Symposium

truck accident lawyer dan munleyLast week, Dan Munley visited Nashville, TN, to speak about one of the most important aspects of a truck accident case: evidence.

Wednesday, September 28 kicked off the 2016 Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys Annual Symposium. The top truck accident lawyers in the country assembled to share their expertise and help their peers to best serve their clients.

Evidence in a Truck Accident Case

Drawing on more than 19 years of experience, Dan spoke about the preservation and spoliation of evidence. In any injury case, the evidence is important. In a truck accident case, however, prompt investigation and preservation of evidence are crucial to proving liability. Unlike typical auto accidents, evidence in a truck case will often include not only the vehicles involved but also the truck driver’s electronic log books, motor carrier records, and other vital information. If you don’t have a lawyer to preserve that evidence quickly, it can easily be lost. Trucking cases present unique challenges. This is why it is vital to have a lawyer who has years of experience in this particular niche.

Truck Accident Experience and Results

The ATAA serves to bring together the best truck crash lawyers from around the United States, from San Diego to Boston, to educate their peers.  The ATAA “seeks to separate the great lawyers from the great marketers.” In other words, lawyers must have real-world skills and experience – not just a stellar PR team – to gain membership. Attorneys cannot buy their way in, either. Certification is based on experience and results.

Dan Munley and the Munley team get results. In 2015, a settlement that Marion and Dan Munley obtained for their trucking client was the 2nd highest settlement in Pennsylvania that year.

Furthermore, Dan Munley and the ATAA aim to make our nation’s highways safer for the driving public. As lawyers, our job is not only to help people when things go wrong but also to advocate for laws and policies that protect the safety of truckers and all drivers.

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