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An Insurance Adjuster Calls After Your Truck Accident. What Should You Do?

Do you have to talk to an insurance adjuster from the other side on your phone after your truck accident? NO! Let a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer do that.

After your accident with a big truck, you’re going to getting all kinds of calls from people you don’t know, all kinds of things in the mail from insurance companies – all of which is making you more confused and stressed out by the day. It might hard to even figure out which pieces of mail and which phone calls are from the ‘enemy’ insurance company and which are from your own insurance company.

Advice straight from a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer:

It’s important to communicate with your insurance company, a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer will advise that. BUT it’s also very important that you NEVER sign anything sent to you by the opposing insurance company and NEVER, EVER let an insurance adjuster from the other side ask you questions over the phone. The answers you give may prevent a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer from winning your case.

Most conversations between you and an insurance adjuster are being recorded and what you say can and will be used against you in your case.

You can think of talking to an insurance adjuster without a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer there by your side as talking to a cop without a lawyer.

This ‘enemy’ adjuster will try and trick you into making statements that could seriously devalue your claim. The questions they ask may even sound harmless, but believe us, they’re often not.

A Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer can be there for you and could potentially get you an average of 3X more settlement money than if you tried doing it yourself – those are the stats.

After your truck accident, we know you’re confused and even a little scared. We understand. We’ve helped other people who were going through similar traumas, and we want to help you. A Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys will ask you for no money whatsoever unless they first win your case. Then, a fee will be automatically taken from your settlement amount, and we never take more in fees than you get for your settlement because we know you need that money. Call us anytime and get a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer to answer all of your questions for free: 855.866.5529.

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