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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Cintas Warehouse Injuries

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workers' comp warehouse workers pa work comp lawyerEach year, thousands of workers find themselves injured and unable to work due to a workplace injury. While these incidents are common, workers’ compensation and the rights of employees–specifically warehouse workers, go undiscussed.

If you are employed by a Cintas warehouse in Luzerne County or another large business and are in need of legal representation, the workers’ compensation lawyers of Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys are here for you.

Cintas Warehouse Injuries, Death

Cintas is an industrial laundry service serving businesses across the United States. Commonly, these warehouses utilize massive dryers, conveyor belts, and other large machines.

Unfortunately, in these settings, workplace injury and death are common.

In 2007, the company was cited for safety violations when an employee shattered his arm in a workplace accident. The Washington Industrial Safety and Health Administration (WISHA) found that Cintas had multiple violations including:

  • Lack of employee safeguards from rotating or revolving parts in machines;
  • Failure to instill company policies and rules need to create a safe and healthy work environment; and
  • Lack of employee training

Unfortunately, there are many common warehouse injuries for Cintas warehouse workers.

Common Warehouse Injuries

Warehouse injuries have become increasingly common, especially when there is a labor shortage in these positions. With fewer employees to cycle through shifts, many are taking on longer hours, shorter rest periods, and developing worker fatigue.

It’s no surprise that large companies like Cintas, Walmart, and Amazon have all seen a spike in warehouse injuries, with much blamed on employee training and lack of employees.

Common warehouse injuries include:worker falling with boxes

How Can I File a Workers’ Comp Claim as a Cintas Employee?

The state you live in will ultimately determine how to file a workers’ compensation claim as a Cintas employee. However, there are some general guidelines to be mindful of, regardless of where you live.

To begin the workers’ compensation claim process, you will first need to file an accident report with your employer. As you are filing the report, be sure to keep a record of all that occurred the day of the injury, as well as any medical treatment that you received. In states like Pennsylvania, you will likely need to utilize your company’s approved medical provider, then after 90 days, you can pick your own physician to take over your care.

Know that if you hope to receive any benefits, you must follow your state’s deadlines to file a claim with your employer. Failure to comply with the deadlines will result in denial of your right to claim benefits.

If you are struggling with the workers’ comp claim process, a Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys warehouse workers’ comp attorney can help.

Am I Entitled to a Hearing For a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Third Party Workers CompensationIn general, workers’ compensation claims do not go to a hearing, instead, both parties are able to reach a settlement. This is often less risky for you, the injured worker, as you will get a say in how the settlement goes.

If a workers’ comp claim goes to a hearing before a judge, the judge is the only one who has a say in the final verdict. This can mean you may not get as much compensation as you otherwise would have.

What you decide to do is up to you, but know that when you accept a settlement, that means that the ruling is final and you no longer have the right to take legal action for your warehouse injury.

For most people, this is a good thing as it allows the injured party to move forward with recovery while knowing what their financial status is.

Remember–just because your Cintas workers’ comp claim didn’t go to a hearing doesn’t mean you can’t utilize a lawyer–in fact, it is still very beneficial you do have legal representation during the settlement process.

This ensures that you are not taken advantage of and that you get the compensation you need to recover.

What Can I Get From a Successful Workers’ Comp Claim?

If your workers’ compensation claim is successful, you may be entitled to lost wages, disability benefits, and death benefits. Further, you may be entitled to weekly or a lump sum payment for your lost wages and medical bills. However, in taking a lump sum, you may lose out on some of your rights.

workers' compensation lawyersKnowing what all you are entitled to, and how it will be paid out to you is rather complex, especially depending on your state’s laws.

In Pennsylvania, for example, you may be entitled to specific loss payments, which compensate you for a workplace injury that has resulted in permanent scarring or disfigurement,  the loss of a limb, or impaired use of a body part.

How much you receive ultimately depends on the specific injury and the body part or function you no longer have.

Further, if a loved one dies as a result of a workplace injury, workers’ comp also provides death benefits for the family who depended on the deceased for financial support. This also includes burial costs up to a certain amount.

Keep in mind, much like workers’ compensation for minor to serious injuries, death benefits must also be filed within the state’s statute of limitations.

I Missed The Deadline to File My Workers’ Comp Claim. What Can I Do?

The deadlines for filing a workers’ compensation claim are not employer-specific; instead, they abide by state laws. If you miss your state’s deadline to file a workers’ comp claim, you forfeit your right to make a claim.

However, if you know your deadline to file a claim is rapidly approaching, you can and should file a claim. Be sure to notify your employer of the injury or work-related illness, and file your claim.

It is always best to act quickly as the deadlines may come sooner than you anticipate, leaving you without time to take appropriate action or seek legal advice.

Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys Is Here For Cintas Warehouse Workers in Need of  Workers’ Comp

Scranton personal injury attorneys Munley Law Personal Injury AttorneysWarehouse workplace injuries are common, and unfortunately for Cintas warehouse workers, they can even be fatal. If you or a loved one have been injured on the job while employed by Cintas, know that you have options.

At Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, we can help you navigate through the workers’ compensation claim process, negotiate a fair settlement, or represent you in court should your case be more complex than others.

We know that when you become hurt at work, there are many things you must consider. From the state of your job when you return to keeping up with piling medical bills, it can all become incredibly overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. For a no-obligation, free consultation, contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys today at 570-213-9759 or by completing our online contact form.

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