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Why the New FMCSA Truck Driver Fatigue Management Tool May Not Work Like We Need it to. Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers Explain:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Is Going to New Measures to Reduce Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania – But Will They Work? Personal Injury Lawyer Explains:

  • What is the FMCSA trying to prevent and why might it not work as well as we hope?
  • How could the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations affect your truck accident case?
  • Will Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers ask for money up-front to take on your case? How much are they going to charge you? 
 Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers


Effects of new FMCSA program may be limited. Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers explain why:

Last year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) launched the North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP), a website aimed at reducing the amount of fatigue-related trucking accidents by providing training and educational tools to help operators and drivers of commercial buses and trucks manage their fatigue.

The NAFMP gives truck and bus drivers and their carriers:

  • Fatigue management educational tools
  • Information on sleeping disorders, and how to test for them and treatment options
  • Info on Fatigue Management Resources/Technologies

Will this program help reduce truck accidents? Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers explain:

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers have some doubts about the effectiveness of this program. Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers see the problem as being the enforcement of these safety standards.

You see, truck drivers and their carriers are what’s called “self-policing” – this means that they are responsible for enforcing the FMCSA’s safety regulations themselves. This can be a problem, Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers say.

As with any person or organization left to their own devices, mistakes can be made and negligence can occur. Set down all the safety rules you want, but if no one is there to enforce them, then you’re going to have a certain amount of people who won’t stick to these rules. The trucking industry is no exception.

Despite constantly-updated safety regulations, driver fatigue continues to be a major cause of truck accidents, Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers say

As soon as you get into an accident with a big commercial truck, the trucking company is going to have a team of specialists, crash experts, lawyers, and everyone else on the case trying to find ways to show that you may have been at-fault for the accident, or ways to deny your claim or pay you as little as possible as reimbursement for this horrendous event.

The Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys won’t put up with that

Our Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers are skilled at fighting back against these huge trucking companies, and we’re experienced at getting people maximum recovery amounts for the ordeals they went through. You can call us and talk to a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer anytime – we never charge for consultations and we never charge you any money whatsoever unless we win your case for you.

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