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Workers Compensation for QVC Warehouse Injuries

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workers' comp light dutyAccording to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Warehouse Safety Series, more than 145,000 people work in  warehouses across the United States. Of all industry types, warehouses continue to have a higher fatality rate than any other industry.  With hazards like improper forklift use, falling objects, lack of personal protective equipment, failure to follow procedures, lack of fire safety, and repetitive motion injuries, these working conditions can lead to serious harm or fatality. Regardless of the type of warehouse, like a QVC merchandise warehouse, or food and service industry, knowing the risks and your rights if you become injured at work can be imperative to your future. 

If you are employed by a QVC or another warehouse in Pennsylvania, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys are here to provide you with the legal guidance you need to be successful.

QVC Company Profile

QVC is an American shopping channel owned by Qurate Retail Group. In Pennsylvania, there are three outlet stores with products from jewelry, home décor, apparel, handbags, and footwear. Further, QVC’s U.S. warehouse centers are located in Suffolk, Virginia; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Rocky Mount, North Carolina; and Florence, South Carolina. However, the company does have locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Common Warehouse Injuries

Injuries are common in warehouses, yet for QVC warehouses, fires and forklift accidents seem to be more common than others.

While it is unfortunate that any injury needs to be considered common, employees should know what warehouse incidents may qualify them for workers’ comp benefits should they become injured. Below are commonly reported issues and injuries by OSHA safety standards.workers comp attorney

  • Docks: Dock injuries occur when forklifts run off the dock causing products to fall on employees or for the forklift to collide with an employee.
  •  Forklifts: It is estimated that 100 employees are killed and 95,000 are injured every year while operating forklifts with forklift turnovers being the most common cause of fatality.
  • Conveyors: Conveyors can be responsible for a variety of injuries from employees getting pinched or stuck, being hit by falling objects, or suffering from repetitive motion injuries. 
  • Improper Storage: Unfortunately, when warehouses do not utilize property storage options, employees can become struck by falling products on shelves. 
  • Lifting and Handling: Constant lifting and handling of large products can result in back and muscle injuries.
  • Lack of Crisis Communication: Successful warehouse employee training should include the use of crisis communication for when issues occur. This can include fire and natural disaster plans, as well as the proper use of personal protective equipment. 

Do QVC Employees Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

For QVC employees in the Lancaster location, under Pennsylvania law, these employees are eligible for workers’ compensation coverage for workplace injuries. 

Coverage must be available for any Pennsylvania employee who:

  • Is injured or develops a work-related disease
  • Could be injured outside the state if the employment is localized in Pennsylvania
  • Is injured outside the state under a contract of hire made in Pennsylvania

There are some exceptions to workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania for independent contractors. 

What Workers’ Comp Benefits Can I Recover in Pennsylvania as a QVC Employee?

If you are a QVC warehouse employee in Pennsylvania who becomes hurt on the job, you may be entitled to the following forms of compensation under PA workers’ comp laws.

Medical Coverage
Medical compensation under workers’ comp includes anything injury or illness related from doctor’s appointments, lab tests, ER visits, medication, medical equipment, and ongoing care.

Depending on how long you are out of work, or if you are ever able to return to the job, you may qualify for lost wages. This includes temporary disability benefits as well as permanent disability, which is evaluated over a course of two years.

Third Party Workers CompensationSpecific Loss Payments
For injuries that resulted in permanent scarring/disfigurement, the loss of a limb, or impaired use of a body part, injured QVC workers may be eligible for “specific loss” payments. These are available regardless of your ability to work. But, you must notify your employer of the injury within 120 days of the accident, and submit a workers’ compensation claim within three years of the date the injury was sustained to receive them.

Death Benefits
Whether a workplace injury or illness results in immediate death or occurs within months, the family of the employee may be eligible for death benefits. The death must have occurred because of the injury or illness and within 300 weeks of its occurrence.

Death benefits are paid to the dependents of the victim  and can cover burial costs up to $3,000. It is important to note that the petition for death benefits must be filed within three years of the worker’s death.

How Much Will I Get From a QVC Workers’ Comp Claim?

The severity of your injuries and your ability to return to work will ultimately determine how much compensation you will get from a QVC warehouse workers’ comp claim.

In general, if you are totally disabled by the work injury, you are entitled to weekly benefits equal to about two-thirds of your weekly pay, or a maximum of $1205 per week. Disability status is reviewed after two years and may become partial disability where you can receive two-thirds the difference between your current earnings and what you earned prior to the injury. Partial disability benefits are available for 500 weeks or for as long as you are working at the lower wage.

Hurt After a QVC Warehouse Injury? Call Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys.

Entrance to Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys officeAt Munley Law Personal Injury Attorneys, our workers’ compensation attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for warehouse employees across the Keystone State. If you are hurt while employed by a QVC warehouse and now cannot work, contact our compassionate workers’ comp lawyers today.

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